Anatomy of a Tragedy The Book

Words from his book, Anatomy of a Tragedy

“Whether evidence is adequate to support a particular point of view often rests primarily in the mind of the beholder."

“The acceptance of any message is determined in large part by our own personal and cultural background. If the message is close to our primary values and expectations we eagerly welcome, and may even be inspired by, the message. The behavior of the audience will be as diverse and as unpredictable as their various interpretations of the message.”

“We accept terrorism against our own fellow citizens as long as it does not affect us personally.

The public often seems willing to be terrorized by our own government officials because we elected them.”

“…I am convinced that our American system of democracy is still the best in the world and that it is well worth the effort to try to improve it, I also believe that the minority who try to deceive or misinform are allowed to operate because the majority permits it.”

“To some of my conservative, religious friends I inquire: "If you and I were accused of being Christians, would there be enough evidence to convict us?"

“A nation driven to use the weapons of war upon its youth is a nation on the edge of chaos."

“This book is not intended to place blame or responsibility. I do not have the solid evidence to permit this. However, this material is intended to raise questions that would reasonably have been asked and answered in any criminal investigation….”

Glenn Frank May 4

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Drawing from: Akron Beacon Journal

Preface to book
Anatomy of a Tragedy
About the Author

About the author is in Glenn's own words and found on page 21, 22, and 23 of his book.

May 4 Shooting

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